Windows 10 Advisory: Essential Notes For Businesses Upgrading To Windows 10

Windows 10 Launch Implications

Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 on July 29th 2015. For home users of Windows 8 and Windows 7 this is a free upgrade if you have a valid licensed version. Users may have seen an icon in their system tray offering the opportunity to update.

At 1Source, we have been testing Windows 10 since the first preview build was available and we feel that even though this is an excellent upgrade, we would caution you not to follow through on any upgrades before first carefully considering certain implications. This includes the compatibility of existing third party applications on your system and certain devices.

Click on the link to read our Head Geek’s, Victor Okigbo, review of Windows 10:

Assessment and Assistance

We recommend that you contact us for a detailed upgrade assessment before initiating the upgrade. Our assessment will include:

  • A Windows 10 Roadmap for your business. This will detail how 1Source plans to manage the process of implementing the new operating system.
  • Hardware Compatibility with Windows 10 (incl. systems and tablets).
  • Software Compatibility with Windows 10.

Following our assessment, and after Windows 10 has been certified fit for integration with your network, 1Source will deliver a schedule customized to your needs. This will ensure that the upgrade is a comprehensive step-by-step process, taking all devices into consideration as well as your change management and communication requirements.

Please be advised that we discourage users from independently signing up for Windows 10 on their official PC. Users may do so freely on their personal systems. Users who have already opted to upgrade would do well to let us know so that we can provide support as there may be a need to reinstall certain applications.


Hardware Compatibility

Essentially, if your PC can run Windows 8.1, it will run windows 10 effectively. If in doubt, please contact 1source by phone, +234(0) 1 291 1987 or email

Basic Hardware Requirements Table

Component  Minimum 1source Spec
Processor (CPU) 1GHz 1GHz or faster
Memory (RAM) 1GB (32bit) 2GB (64bit) 4GB
Storage (HDD) free space 16GB 24GB
Graphics Card DX9 Card with WDDM Driver DX9 Card with WDDM Driver
Internet Internet access 1Mbps internet access
Other Microsoft Account Microsoft Account


Software Compatibility

We advise that the all applications that work with Windows 8.1 should work with Windows 10, however certain applications may need to be reinstalled after the upgrade. As such, it is essential to have any disks and other media required as well as license keys or activation codes available for your applications.

We will advise on the compatibility of individual applications on a case by case basis after an assessment.


Windows Compatibility Centre

This is an excellent searchable resource and also includes a Windows 10 Preview to test device and application compatibility.


Contact us

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